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Mobile Screen Truck at kailua beach


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                       OUR SLIDING SCREEN DOORS

Wether you live on the water or inland we know that our climate needs special consideration,over years of experience we have learned that the breakdown comes from the acceleration of corrosion caused by metal screws driven into the corner brackets of sliding screen doors. We have eliminated this problem by using only extruded aluminum corners that means no screws. This Screen Door should be the last door frame you ever purchase. the rollers that glide our Screen Door are incased sealed copper rollers,with semi annual lubrication should last a lifetime. All aluminum handles and locks, we don't use any cheap plastic parts.

                      SWING DOORS AND SECURITY DOORS

We have a wide range of Screen Doors aesthetically pleasing yet strong enough for the busiest of families. This is not your bargain brand or major outlet door that needs replacing every other year. We have a wide range of sizes and colors to fit every home.

                    Lanai enclosures and outdoor rooms

There is such a variety of ways to enclose a lanai or outdoor space to fit every opening and budget.


                Ask us about our pet and specialty screens


We have done our homework so you don't have to.Our Screen frame is .025 gauge aluminum the strongest on the market. The other guy's use .020 that makes us 20% stronger. As an added bonus we use only Patio grade 18/14" gauge screen cloth made by Phifer. What sets this cloth apart from the rest is that it is actually welded at every cross seam instead of woven.